Monday, 24 September 2012

24th September

Today at Forest School, we were digging up weeds! Mia, Tia and Abby were digging up a carpet that was really strong material, so it was really hard plus there were really strong weeds! After that we were talking about this very blog and then Abby tripped over! Mia dug up a maggot uuuurrrrggggghhhhhhh! Then we played this game called camouflage 3 times and only one person got spotted because he fell over in the stinging nettles!
By the girls.

At Forest School, Lewis, Samuel , Robbie and Henry did gardening and weeding  together and Lewis found a giant potato – even bigger than last week’s! Lewis and Robbie found a massive weed and we worked together to dig it out and got it out in the end. Henry found eight potatoes in the patch he was digging, a few were small, a few were big and a few were humungous!
 By the boys.

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